Vital Statistics:

I’m 48 years-old- but I don’t think I act like what I thought a 48 year-old should act like when I was 35.

I’ve been married (2nd marriage) to very tall Minnesota Vikings fan (poor guy has had a rough few years of fandom).  We have only been married about five minutes, but we’ve been together for almost 7 years, so we both knew what we were getting into!

There are two semi-grown children floating around the world trying to make sense of it and find their way who probably have no concept of how much I adore them.

My only child currently living at home is a flopsy-mopsy muppet-like creature (Golden Doodle) who has very bad manners when people come to the door but is an expert spooner and fabulous companion overall.

I’ve been teaching and loving middle school students for about 20 years, most recently in Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Go figure. I like a challenge. I currently am trying to figure out how to be Instructional Coach/Reading Specialist at Lockerman Middle School.


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